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Graphics Programs and Stuff

Some very cool graphics programs

If you are interested in learning more about 3D programs (they really are a blast!), or other graphics programs, then check out the sites below. These are a few I use and enjoy.

poser program

Poser from Smith Micro

Possibly one of the funnest programs out there. It's easy to start making your own graphics without the huge learning curve of other 3D programs. Poser comes with a large and varied set of models (people, animals, clothing . . . ). It also has support in the form of models and figures that can be freely downloaded or bought. Although Poser is an easy program to learn, what's most impressive about it is that you can learn something new about it every time you turn it on. Poser also can do frame by frame animation.


Daz3D - Poser add-ons and Daz Studio a free 3D program, also home of Bryce 3D, Cararra, and Mimic;

Antonia Polygon

Apollo Maximus by Anton - a free and versatile human figure for Poser

anton's apollo human figure for poser

Diard Software Universe image creator - make stars, galaxies, nebula . . . limited freeware version available. One version a stand alone, another version works inside Photoshop. Both are very cool.

Apophysis - free fractal generator. Very cool program, created these fractals and these fractals after playing with the program for a couple hours. Final images composited in Photoshop. Ultra Fractal - Another very good fractal generator.

Discreet - 3D Studio Max

Serif Software - a very simple and free 3D program. Does some nice 3D text effects and has a few objects installed. Also has lighting and texturing options. Pretty cool and easy to learn.

3D Universe - awesome toons for Poser

Lynne's Creations

Eclectic Guild

Ivy Generator

Trekkie Girl Poser Freebies


Fast 3D - Freebies for Poser

Blacksmith3d - Blacksmith3D tutorials


Graphics by Pati

EMS Arts

Geep's tutorials