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Nature textures

plant textures for 3D use

Texture and photo reference download overview

Vegetable and herb plants

Flower leaves, petals and garden plants

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Seashells, sand, ocean

Stone and metal textures for free download

Miscellaneous nature textures

Land, ground texture photographs

Animal (fur, skin, feathers) photographs

Gears and Keys

Carousel horses and other animals






Poser Products

Animated poses for Poser and Daz Studio.

Poser Freebies

Poser Tutorials:

How to use animated poses
How to make animated .gifs
How to make video using Poser and Windows Movie Maker

Free clipart


A few free clipart graphics

For your web sites including galloping horse animation, a flying dragon animation, scroll parchment paper, a starry background, and a few other web site backgrounds


flower clipart, daisy photos, gerber daisy, St. John's Wort flowers, Apache Plume, sunflower, mustangs, bees, and more

Graphics and 3D Programs

A short list of 3d and graphics programs (including Poser and Photoshop) for anyone wanting to create their own